Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Next 30 Days.....

Here comes a "messy" part of my life:
Yesterday, as I wheezed my way from the elliptical to the treadmill at the gym,
I realized that I was the most unhealthy looking person there.
I could almost hear every one's thoughts...
"What's the fat, old girl doing trying to run?"
"She should stop, the jiggling is out of control!"
Yes, strong, young, and limber-bodied over achievers who've had exceptional self-discipline. 
I know.  I'm not in your circle.  But do I want to be?
Nope.  I mean don't get me wrong, if came easily, and I didn't have to work for it, then Oh, heck yeah, I want in.  But there's more to life than being a show-stopping hard body.  Let's be realistic.
I want cake.
I want chocolate.
I will eat bread.
But I am certainly the heaviest that I've been in FOREVER.  I am currently 10 pounds under my full-term pregnancy weight with Thoughtful.   I had gained a considerable amount with him.  It was grossly impressive. 
I'm not really that vain, I promise. It's not that I care what people think of me. It only started with appearance and the fact that my clothes don't fit.
That got me thinking. I am in my 30's and I have acne. Why? I've been going to bed every night stuffed like a goose. This makes me feel less than desirable with Hubs (honesty here), and let's face it, that is a crucial part of a good marriage. I'm sluggish and tired every afternoon. My allergies are worse than ever.   I'm in tears on my scale, down to fitting into 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of jeans. This is just the stuff that I can see.
What's happening inside? I recently lost my beloved PaPa to heart disease. What's going on with my arteries? And blood sugar? And everything else in my body chemistry? I know its all out of whack. This is why I can eat a full dinner and wake up hungry at 1:00 AM. I've messed myself up!
I've looked at Weight Watchers, I know it works, but I've successfully done it before.  I'm bored with that.  I've looked at Visalus shakes.  I sampled one this week, (finally, after having in the kitchen drawer for roughly 3 months).  I don't like it.  And I thought about HCG, but I refuse to take pills or drops to accomplish this job.
What am I going to do? 
I'm going to change....
my thoughts about food (the addiction),
the sedentary life,
and what I buy at the grocery store.

I'm making my own 30 DAY CHALLENGE!!

Today is Sept 1.  I've weighed, and measured myself.  No before picture though, I can't bring myself to do it.  I don't have actual goals of losing weight by certain dates.  I've failed that way in the past. 
My goal is to do the following through at least Sept. 30:
1.  Exercise daily, even if its just walking and jumping jacks.  Burn baby burn!
2.  Faithfully track my caloric intake, using .
3.  Weigh and measure myself on a weekly basis.  (Saturdays)
4.  No candy, cereal, cake, cookies, muffins, crackers, chips, drive thru's, added sugar,
Diet Coke, sweet tea, mayonnaise, or fried anything.  (seems stringent but its only 30 days)
5.  Limited red meat (I have to be careful with this one as I tend to run slightly anemic),
potatoes, pasta, whole wheat bread, and coffee.
6.  Only eat when I'm hungry.
Sounds easy enough right?  Good grief, I wonder why in the world I am writing this post...I need the accountability.  Plus, I want to prove that it can be done.  I can lose fat in a healthy, natural way, getting my vitamins and energy from whole foods. 
My plan:
1.  Stick to the rules mentioned above.
2.  Bring healthy food choices with me when heading out, preparing for hunger whenever it strikes!
3.  Homemade smoothies for breakfast.
4.  Salads for lunch, with chicken, and lime juice and cilantro, rather than dressing.
5.  Lots of fruits and veggies to snack on.
6.  Fat free/sugar free pudding pops for treats.  Also yogurt, homemade hummus,
pudding, and sugar free jello.
7.  Healthier suppers for the family / heavy on the veggies.
That's it.  I hope that I can do it for the next 30 days.  Cheer me on, or leave me comment with a great recipe.  My cookbooks are in dire need of a healthy makeover!  Thanks for following along!  I'll post again next Saturday!


  1. I'm here to cheer you on. I recently lost 20lbs with Plexus Slim (Not here to sell it to you, just sayin' ... ) but, I have this issue with belly fat. I know I need to tone, but I'm so undisciplined when it comes to working out. :/

    If you come across some really good smoothie or healthy snacks, do you mind sharing? Snacking is a big issue for me, so I'm always on the lookout for something to replace my potato chip addiction. (Just being real)

    1. Great for you! 20 lbs is no easy feat!! I don't look down on anyone whom uses whatever they need to help them along, I'm just weirdly funny about taking most anything.

      I certainly will. I was afraid that smoothies won't hold me until lunch, especially in the house of grazers (they eat nonstop), but today I made one that did the job!

      1 banana
      1 cup strawberries
      1 cup frozen blueberries
      1/2 cup ff plain greek yogurt
      1 cup Blue Diamond unsweetened, original Almond Milk
      a handful of spinach

      I filled a very large cup and had some left over. I fed it to my boys, who are convinced they had milkshakes for breakfast. They only have the best Momma ever today :)

      I'm hoping to post more and more snacky things! Today it was plain celery, but I'm only on day 1. I don't see that lasting long!

  2. I apparently deleted some comments. Sorry if it was you.

  3. I am so IN for this challenge myself! I am also close to my "ultimate" pregnancy weight with no baby inside me, and it just grosses me out! Belch!

    My BIG issue is overeating/emotional eating, so I have been trying to memorize scripture to help me and reading Candace Cameron Bure's "Reshaping It All."

    I will be checking in on you if you check in on me... :0)

    1. Absolutely! Thanks for stopping in. I've been very encouraged by readers and friends alike. I find that the positive words and thoughts are pushing me forward. Everyday is tough still, every bite is a choice. So far so good though, and I'm excited to weigh myself on Saturday!

  4. Donna-

    Did you see my post called Let's Talk about Food? It has a link to a website with some great low cal/healthy recipes...snacks, desserts, and meals alike! You can have chocolate is delicious and low-cal. Just have friends help you eat it so you don't eat the whole thing!

    Here is the link to my blog post with the other links:

    I can't find you on MyFitnessPal.... :( Good luck!


    1. Kristy, I did read that post, and I loved it! I think that I looked at another site you included in the post, and never made my way back to check out the other. I'll have to do it now!! I'll PM you my myfitnesspal member id. I didn't go with ajoyfulmess.