Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm not on a diet!

Here's my first update about my very own 30 day challenge.  If you haven't already, you may want to read what I've previously posted here.

The American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition, defines the term diet as

1. One's usual food or drink.  2.  A regulated selection of foods, esp. as prescribed for medical reasons.

Hmmm, How is it that we've turned a nonobligatory word into something so negative?  We're always "on a diet." Its just not usually the healthier diet that people think of when they hear the word. 

I've written this in journal form over the last week.  Happy reading!

Day 1, Saturday:  I'm thrilled to jump in feet first!  I spent $65 on produce and smoothie fixin's last night.  I've dusted the food scale.  I'm chopping and cutting and cooking.  I've ordered the Food Saver accessories required to do this but I have to wait for them to ship from Amazon.  I walked as fast as I could, as in I could've been in the walking Olympics,  (which is hilarious by the way, but I digress), in the heat of the day, 2.5 miles.  I did pilates for 30 minutes at night.  I tracked EVERY morsel of food that touched my tongue.  Negative:  My family asked me to make cupcakes.  Positive:  I said "not today."  I also didn't have any belly aches today for the first time in as long as I can remember.

Day 2, Sunday:  I planned for my breakfast smoothie and froze most of the fruit overnight.  I doubled the Greek yogurt to 1/2 cup, and made a delicious cup of thick creaminess.  Go me!  But I'm afraid that I'm eating too early, and I just hate when my belly growls during the church sermon.

At church:  Ut-oh!  I saw a lady who recently posted on Facebook about her trip to Olive Garden.  This causes me to crave garlic Parmesan bread sticks.  Curse your food posts, people!

Also, Hubs said we need to go to Firehouse Subs for lunch immediately after church.  If you aren't familiar, Firehouse has the best hot subs in the history of creation.  They steam my favorite sandwich into melty provolone with smoky peppered-turkey and sweet-honey-ham goodness.  "What?  I can't eat anything there!"  I'm starving!!  I begin to panic.  We go in, I SEE SALAD!!  YAY!  How sad that I didn't even know they carried salad.

Day 3, Monday:  I told myself that I'm finished feeling sorry for myself.  My body feels really good which is somewhat motivating.  I CAN eat the biscuits my family requested, but I'm choosing not to.  I'm going to enjoy these thoughts as long as I can.  I'm sure to revisit the "poor me" thoughts later.

Day 4:  Tuesday:  I'm really getting the hang of this.  I'm beginning to feel that this is the more normal way of life.  The kids and I all had healthy, protein-packed, fruit/veggie smoothies for breakfast.  I love that they're asking for them too.  I'm fielding many questions from Spunk such as, "Is this healthy, Momma?"  I packed a picnic lunch and snacks for our afternoon out, and really, I did well.  For dinner, I actually ate grilled chicken salad WITHOUT DRESSING, AT ALL!!  NO LIME JUICE, NO VINEGAR/OIL COMBO., NO SALAD SPRITZERS!!!  AND I LIKED IT!  WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?  Thoughtful was my power-walking date tonight, which gave us some much needed one-on-one time that I am so grateful for.  He really opened up to me during our walk, and later asked to do it again!  Yay!  He's not too cool to go walkin' with his Momma!!  Happy girl tonight!

Day 5:  Wednesday:  It's our super busy day, running all over for co-op, shopping, and piano.  My thermal lunch bag is L-O-A-D-E-D in preparation for hunger!  I'm like a walking produce department!  Actually, I'm making my third trip to the produce department this week.  That's gotta mean something good, right?

The day was great, until dinner.  I almost cried when I served Cole's garlic bread to my family, and I didn't even lick my fingers.

Day 6:  Thursday:  I'm baking a super chocolate cake for a friend's daughter's birthday.  It is torture.  I'm desperately trying to feel sorry myself today, but I just can't.  Seeing a friend's Facebook post about how she's eliminated the need of her diabetes medications by solely changing her diet IN 10 DAYS, has me pumped again.  I'm gonna go eat some veggies.

Day 7:  Friday:  Also known as Weigh-In-Eve, I just want today to be over with so I can cheat after I weigh in the morning.  What 30 day challenge?

OK, OK, I weighed myself, then went a little crazy.  I ate a bagel, there may have been some kind of wheat product in it. 

I missed bread and Grama's homemade mac-n-cheese the most, and ice cream, and chocolate.

The results:  I FEEL FABULOUS!  For the first time in a few years, I didn't have a belly ache in the afternoon.  This is a good change.

I've lost 3 pounds this week.  I don't miss THAT at all!!  I'm hoping to change more of my attitude towards food over this next week. 

Thanks to many of you who've commented and messaged me with good wishes!  I really appreciate your encouragement!  I'll update again next Saturday.