Saturday, September 15, 2012

2 weeks into "The Challenge"

OK, so, I invented my own 30 day challenge, without a weight loss goal in mind, but only rules to follow, as outlined here,  I was in a desperate state of "I'm a big fatty."

This week's fails: 

I had a cookie.  I know what you're thinking, "a cookie, big deal, Donna."  But see, that's why I created these rules.  I need black and white.  I later found that the cookie was a whopping 57 calories!!!  I could've created a much more substantial snack had I chosen a piece of fruit or veggie. 

I also had a slice of pizza.  I was hungry, it was there, smelling all gooey and doughy.  My mouth watered, and I caved.

And then there's last weekend.  I went crazy.  I weighed myself, lost weight during the week, then lost my mind, eating cake, pizza, bread sticks, etc.  blah.  I vowed to not do it again.

This week's successes:

I'M DOWN ANOTHER 3 POUNDS (6 TOTAL)!!!!!!!!   Wooooo-hooooooooooo!  This makes me realize that I CAN have a treat with my family, and not go overboard.  And I can still lose.

I'm inspired to get back to running.  Yes!  I'm ready to go, I do need some new shoes and a watch, but I'm going to start this weekend using what I have.

Our week was crazy busy and I didn't hit the drive thru, not even once.  We did stop for Chick Fil A once (dining inside), and I had a salad with water.  No lemonade, no chicken sandwich, no waffle fries.  I should be shot for this one.

I made several good food choices this week when I didn't have to, particularly noteworthy I sat in a seminar one day for work.  We never look forward to the seminar, but the spread they serve for lunch is always the highlight of the day.  Cheesy, marinara pasta, pizza, tiramisu, turtle cheesecake, basically lots of calories!!  I chose wisely, with salad, grilled veggies, and chicken breast.  Go me!

I also found time to walk while my boys were participating in sports and group activities.

The bottom line...........down 3 pounds & more successes than failures.  I'm a happy girl!

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