Saturday, September 22, 2012

I saw this thing on Pinterest.....

I believe the phrase of the decade is going to be "I saw this thing on Pinterest...." 
Wow, I wish I'd invented such a simple website!
Crafters, Mommas, Homeschoolers, Teachers, Gifters, Athletes, Bakers, Fashionistas, Brides, Mommas-To-Be, Party-Coordinators and so many more are flocking to the popular website for ideas.
I do know a few holdouts who refuse to join the site, but really, who hasn't heard of Pinterest?
My kids even ask if I can check Pinterest for ideas.
So, I saw this thing on Pinterest, and its turned out to be so practical, I wanted to share it.
Dry erase marker erasers.

Hot glue craft poms onto the ends of the markers, and


You always have an eraser!  

Yes, we have traditional erasers too, but how inconvenient is it to use the corner of the eraser to remove one letter of a paragraph?  ;)
Or, a greasy finger, as is usually the case in our school room?
The silliest little things bother me, I know you're laughing at me.  It's okay, I laugh too.
But we love this remedy, and I hope you do too!

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