Saturday, July 7, 2012

Still Possessed?

Am I still hung up on my stuff?  Meaning I'm still possessed?  Ugh!  Remember, I don't keep stuff.  I'm constantly getting rid of stuff.

The deal I made with myself:
  • Get rid of 7 things a day for a week
  • Crap doesn't count
  • Clothes, bags, shoes, belts, and other accessories don't count (I still have bags of clothes to donate, things I cleaned out immediately after reading Seven)
  • Work my way through the house to get to 7 different categories.

Here's the run down of my Possessions Week:

Day 1, ON FIRE EXCITED to donate my stuff!  I started in the kitchen and gathered 20-something items.  Casserole dishes, serving pieces, a hand held cooler, and more.  It felt good, and I almost jumped into the next day's stuff.

Day 2, um, I still haven't collected Day 2's stuff, which means that I also haven't collected Days 3-7.  TOTAL FAIL!  What is wrong with me?  OK, here it is, I realize that although I don't have a lot of things to donate, people need this stuff more than this house needs it.  So, I'm doing it all in one shot.  I'm an all or nothing girl anyway, so I should've expected this.  So, I've changed my rules:  Now, donate 7 items from 7 different categories:

  • kitchen
  • toiletries
  • household cleaners (laundry detergent, etc)
  • DVDs
  • non perishable food items
  • meals

This means that I will be busy today, on Day 7.

What have I learned?  I have learned that I take much for granted.  People around the world, and as it turns out, right here in my hometown, don't have the luxury of picking and choosing what they want to keep.  They must keep it all.  They don't have anything valueless.  The stuff they have is practical, to cook with and whatnot.  I am blessed beyond measure, as they say.  I will not bring anything into this house without first going through this checklist:  (1)  Do we need it?  (2)  Will we use it?  (3)  What can I donate to make room for it?  This is sound advice to give myself.  But realistically, I will fail at this too.  Eventually, I will bring home bags of stuff without a thought as to others in need.  Lord, help me.

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