Saturday, July 28, 2012

Not myself

I've not been myself of late....thankfully.  You see, typically, myself would have plenty of opportunities to help others, but wouldn't.  I don't mean that if someone blatantly asked for help, that I would deny him, (well sometimes).   I'm talking about those times when I just know that someone needs something that I can give, tangible or not.  The destitute that I've passed on the street who hasn't asked for anything, could probably use anything I'm willing to hand over.  The friend who I know is going through tragic memories of loss, would most likely be encouraged to hear that I'm praying for her (or with her).  The family member that I desperately need to forgive, would perhaps feel a little more welcome if I'd show her some love, (if you are my family and are reading this, please don't question if its you....hypothetical here, mostly).

I've often thought of the things that I can do to help the helpless.  And I've prided myself on those thoughts.  Wow!  What more can I say?  I'm a loser, like most of the rest of the world.

I've FINALLY figured out that the cliche "its the thought that matters," is so completely untrue, at least in this case that is.  I'm not going into specific details of the times that I've recently noticed my change of heart, but I will tell you, there's change!  And there's big time change.  Not just in my thoughts, but in my actions.

After spending some time concentrating on those around me, anyone other than myself really, I've found what God wants me to be.  Well, I found MORE of what God wants from me.  I don't think that I'll have reached my full potential of who God designed me to be until I meet Him.  Anyway, for now, I see more.  My eyes are open, and I'm not ignoring those who need me.  I've learned that I don't need to search for someone to help.  God places them in my path.
The way we speak to one another, it matters, people.  When was the last time we were able to use our time machines to erase our hurtful words?   Our words can lift each other up or tear each other down.  I know this, but I haven't always reserved my tongue when necessary, (I know that you, my friendly reader, are completely shocked).

The way we ignore the homeless man outside of the grocery store, it matters.  Sure, he might not spend the cash we'd give him on what we want him to spend it on.  Does that matter?  Think hard here.  Does it matter in the big picture of life, and more importantly, the after-life of eternity?  Don't we know that The same Lord who judges us will judge him and his choice of spending?  Shouldn't we leave that part to Him?  Again, I know this as fact, but I still feel the need to judge accordingly, (again, I've surprised you).

The way that we easily hurt those we love the most, yep, it matters too.  Putting the spouse's needs before our own can be difficult, but oh how it can be so easy too.  It's our choice, really.  Purposefully swallowing the words, that we'd very much love to spew out in hastiness, can be soothing.  Or texting a random love note can really boost our day.  Loving with purpose!!  There's a concept, huh?

Aren't we to love one another?  Let's please remember that YES, we ARE to love each and every person we know.  Our friends and the friendless, alike, we are to love them equally. 

Personally, I don't exactly like having this change in my heart.  It was easier when I didn't see as clearly.  But I rest assured that God is giving me major opportunities to show His love. 

Changing the world begins with ourselves.


  1. Our actions matter!! How wonderful it is that our God continues to work on us. It is frightening and difficult to go where He leads at times.

    1. Yes, it most certainly is! But I'm praising Him for taking me there.