Monday, July 16, 2012

Miscellany Monday

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This is my opportunity to write randomly:

1.  My birthday was last week, Thoughtful brought me this scrumptiously delicious platter of blueberry pancakes, covered in syrup and a tall glass of almost ice-cold sweet tea.  Isn't that what every Momma wants? 

2.  How did he make blueberry pancakes?  Ah!  My next point, make ahead freezer meals.  Oh yes!  I'm getting ready to make a bunch of freezer meals to pop in the oven on those crazy days.  This keep us out of the drive thru, and my kitchen stays clean.  Sometimes there is just no time to worry with dishes and pans.  When I make pancakes, I make a ton!  Butter them, cool them on a wire rack, wrap up individually in plastic wrap, and fill gallon sized freezer bags.  Take them out 1 at a time, and microwave for about a minute. 
Easy Peasy!

3.  My boys (and man) pick me out a new pink bike for my birthday ----Yay!  I have wanted a bike for while, thinking how fun it would be to ride so carefree with our boys.  I haven't ridden bikes since I was 15 or so.  I was much lighter then, and my rear was much narrower - bikes hurt.  So I'm on the lookout for a comfy seat.

4.  Thoughtful is growing up.  I know, Mommas are supposed to raise them up, and he's only 8, blah blah blah.  Its really hitting me that my baby isn't a baby.  He's been such a great helper.  His attitude about most things has vastly improved over the last several months (we'd been butting heads a bit).  He loves Spunk so much, and loves to help him.  Spunk's bike chain keeps falling off.  Here's Thoughtful, working his little mechanic-like fingers on Spunk's chain.

5.  I am planning planning planning our school year.  More to come on that!

6.  Our local homeschool convention seemed smaller this year.  I think I'm going to budget to travel to the nearest "large" convention next year.

7.  I'm looking into digital scrapbooking.  I really like Heritage Keepers ??  I think that's what its called.  Anywho, I can't get past the paying monthly for it.  Any other options that are worth looking into?

8.  A family date with friends to cook s'mores last night was somewhat rained out.  But we made them anyways, in the oven.  They came out great!  Dark chocolate is the way to go, and the graham crackers were all toasty too - something you miss when fire-roasting marshmallows.

9.  Last, the boys have been watching this little guy - ewww, right?  I thought so too, until I realized that they're really learning here.  It has spurred an interest, and Thoughtful has asked if we can begin a spider study.

Hope you enjoy!

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