Sunday, July 1, 2012


Ah!  Something I do on a fairly regular basis is purge the junk from the house.  I am not a "keeper."  I do have a junk drawer in the kitchen, but I sort through it at least once a week.  The kids and I go through their toyboxes every few months to sort out the broken pieces.   We don't keep a ton on knick-knacks around.  I call them dust collectors. 

 I don't like clutter, at all!

So, I thought that I had a pretty good handle on keeping out the stuff.  But then again, the addict never knows she's an addict.

It seems the American way of measuring oneself is by the accumulation of stuff.  The more money we make, the more stuff we can have.  And not just any ol' stuff, but bigger and better, right?

Enter Seven.  This book is changing my life.  More on Seven and its author here.

So, I am participating in The Summer of Seven with Katrina Ryder and friends at the Poorganic Life.  Today marks the beginning.  I will remove seven possessions from this house of mine, everyday, for seven days. 

Seven is the perfect number right?

So, you might say, "that's rubbish, Donna.  That's not hard at all."  (Do people actually use the word rubbish?)

To which I interrupt you with, "Oh contrare!"  Remember?  I don't keep stuff lying around here.  We don't have a lot of extras.  I'm going to purge seven real items around my home everyday.  Things that others might have a need for.  I'm beginning in my kitchen, and working my away around the house.

I've been in contact with some local friends and groups who are helping the jobless and the homeless.  I want to be a part of that, so they are getting my stuff, rather than Goodwill or Salvation Army.  I want to see the impact made!  And, in the end, I hope to be a little more full of heart and less in worldly desires.

This is a bloghop.


  1. SO glad that you're joining us! :) I can't wait to see what your conclusions are after this week. I found it very freeing--after I got done crying over my books.

  2. Thank you, I'm very much looking forward to the end!

  3. Can't wait to see what all happens with this! I am amazed at what the Lord is teaching me through this "experiment."

    Welcome aboard!

    1. me too! I've been through the kitchen, and relinquished a little extra. Even the good stuff on which I've spent money. EEK! It could get a little crazy up in here! :)