Monday, August 13, 2012

Everyone else's Back to School

As a homeschooling family, the outside wouldn't think that we'd be affected by everyone else's Back to School season.  But we are.  We take advantage of the same Back to School sales, whether it be school supplies or tax-free clothing purchases.  We get to have our favorite public places back during school operating hours, i.e. the park!!  (We are very excited to have back "our" park.)

But what really affects this Momma are the comments from parents.  See, today is the last day of summer for our local public school friends.  This morning, my Facebook news feed is full of parents' who are "sad to see him go," and "cramming all our fun in."  I am reminded that one of my favorite reasons that we choose to homeschool is that we are a family, and Hubs and I only have so many years with these beautiful blessings.  I really don't want to miss anything.  God gave these children to us for a such a short time.  Why would we want to send them out for half of that time allotted us?  Just because the public school option is the "norm" for most doesn't mean that its right for all.

And then there's the flip side.  The other comments I've heard a lot lately are relative to counting down the days until parents "get their days back."  What?  So, you're excited for school to start back so you can resume having "me time?"  (I didn't realize there was such a thing once you had children.)  But this is exactly the attitude portrayed, and it makes me sad.  Sure, I'd love some of that "me time" too.  I'd go to the gym, have lunch with girlfriends, get regular pedicures, work a full time job, volunteer at a shelter, I don't know, the list goes on.  There's plenty of other things that I could do besides stay home and raise my children.  But I am in no hurry to kick them out of the nest.  I am not counting down the days that I have left, I would be a big, soppy mess if considered it. 

There will plenty of time for that other stuff later.  For now, I'll just do my best at being Momma to my boys!  Please, feel free to judge accordingly.


  1. I'm not exactly sure I can pinpoint exactly when my heart changed...but I now cringe when parents count down to school in front of their children! Surely I have said some things similar, and often think of how I could spend that time without them, but it never compares to how wonderful it is with them! AND, I want my kids to feel loved and to know that I love spending my time with them, not to feel like I can't wait to be rid of them!

    Nice post, Donna!


  2. Thank you, Kristy! Somewhat of a venting post, but I had to get it out!