Thursday, November 8, 2012

When nobody to wants school

We have awakened to a very cold morning for our neck of the woods.  Low 40's for NE FL, plus windows left open over night, and the heater left off leaves us....well....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Nobody wants to get out of bed.  Nobody wants to head to the school room.  What to do??

Hot oatmeal, with a promise of hot chocolate after school time, was a great starting place for us this morning.

Next, I evaluated what do we really need to do, and what can we learn that isn't in the books?

Here's what we actually did today, and yep, it all counts!

  • We cozied up on the couch while we read about groundwater for Science.
  • The boys each read from their current readers.
  • Thoughtful made a grocery list.
  • I went over special sounds (digraphs) with Spunk.
  • The boys worked on Thank-You-cards since they just had birthdays pass.
  • We played Rummy, Scrabble, USA Bingo, and put together our USA puzzle.
  • We looked up our new weekly memory verse, highlighted it, discussed it, and memorized it.
  • They had a pull-up contest and practiced their Tae-Kwon-Do forms.

When I told the boys that all of this counted as "school" they grinned.



"But it was too fun and easy!"

Sweet!    It's 12:24, and school is finished.  Mission accomplished!  I wonder how much more learning we'll squeeze in for the day?!?!?


  1. It really does "add up" when you list everything that goes on during the course of the day! No day is without learning!

  2. Love it! We had a day much like that today... clean, school, cook, school...the thing was, it was all sneaky- they loved every minute of it...except maybe my oldest, but that's another story.... Good job Momma!