Monday, October 15, 2012


Poo, I thought my kids' disobedience was something that I could conquer.  No, I'm finally seeing it for what it is.  Sin.  Sure, they're great kids, but they're KIDS.  As in people.  Human beings, creatures with selfish desires, and wants, and they'd rather have fun doing whatever their little hearts desire in the moment, rather than be obedient to their parents.

This has been a season of disobedience.  Me pulling out my hair in frustration, crying out "Why didn't you do what I asked of you?"  or "Why do you think its okay to react that way?"  and my personal favorite, "Do you hear me?"

And The Lord has slowly been nudging me.  Did I see this?  Nope.  But hindsight is 20/20 as they say.  He's been working on me, but I wasn't exactly listening.  Why would I?  That might be construed as me being obedient to my Father.  He's been asking me, "Do you hear me?"

The answer has been a resounding "YES!!  I hear you!"  That sounds great right?  You're wrong because that's not the end.  It's more like "Yes, I hear you, but not right now okay?  I'd rather ignore You.  I don't have time for You.  I have my own plans, Yours will have to wait, Okay?  Now, please bless me, and I'll get back to ya when I can."

Oh my, how selfish I am.  When will I learn to do what He says, when He says it?  Perhaps until I do, I shouldn't expect my children to obey me immediately.  A sweet friend shared something she heard (which I'd love to cite for you, but truly don't know where it originates), and it rings so true to my heart. 

"Delayed obedience is the same as disobedience."

It applies to our children following us, but more importantly, it applies to all of us following Jesus.

I'm always amazed at what God teaches me through my children!!

So, I'm working on me, and I'm being more patient with my children.  This last part is kind of big, as I'm not exactly known for my patience.  I'm thankful for the undying mercy that Jesus continues to give me.  His grace is enough, and therefore, my grace should be enough for my kids.  He renews me daily, giving me more opportunities to hang up my sin.  I should give my children the same.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?  What is that area of your life that you know doesn't line up with God's word?  What is He trying to teach you through your children?

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